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Everyone there was so nice and compassionate.
I have been to several other treatment centers in the past and this one was the best. The Clinical team was absolutely extraordinary. I found that Drug Rehab San Antonio struck a good balance between clinical groups while still allowing clients freedom. Everyone there was so nice and compassionate as many of them were in recovery. While other treatment centers just want you in and out for your insurance, this was surely not the case here at Drug Rehab San Antonio. I just can't say enough good things about this treatment center.
, San Antonio Apr 27, 2012

Very Friendly Counselors
Drug Rehab San Antonio truly saved my life. I was lost and broken, feeling like there was no way out of my addiction. From the time I arrived at Drug Rehab San Antonio, from the techs to the counselors, I felt safe, and that they understood what I was going through. With there love and direction I was able to find myself again, and realize I was worth saving. I have been clean for two years now and very happy.
, San Antonio Feb 8, 2012

Excellent Stay and Great Recovery!
Drug Rehab San Antonio was an excellent stay also had a great recovery..the staff understands and helps a lot with your recovery..they work with you to any extent and really care about your after care...the clinicians are great an get in depth with your recovery, the family visits were wonderful...
, San Antonio Sep 14, 2011

Great Services!
I had a very good experience to face my addiction and learn more about myself. I learned about my behaviors, and I realized while at Drug Rehab San Antonio that I need to go to meetings, I need to get a sponsor and I need to get honest with myself if I am to maintain the sobriety I truly desire .
, San Antonio Dec 21, 2011

The Staff are Great and Supportive!
When my son was lost, I thought there was nowhere left to turn. He had gone to numerous recovery centers, to no avail. Drug Rehab San Antonio and their approach to treatment helped him to look deeper than just drugs being the issue. Their staff was like no one I had encountered at the other places. I am happy to report my son has been sober for over a year, back in college, and is graduating from the masters program. I can't put into words how grateful my wife and I are. Thank You Drug Rehab San Antonio for saving his life !!!!
, San Antonio Jul 20, 2011

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